Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Woman 10 easy ways to look sexier

We already know you don't need any advice on how to be sexy or how to look hot—you just are—but looking sexier than ever is another story entirely. Ramp up your carnal appeal with these 10 surprisingly simple tips.

 1. Wear lace

Not only is lace one of this season's hottest fashion trends, it also has transformative powers. "Wearing a lacy top or dress can transform a woman into a seductress. It's a way to express your feminine side because when you slip into lace, you automatically feel girly and romantic. Lace has a magical effect on men because they anticipate what's going to happen when the lace comes off. 

2. Play up your eyes
 Men are generally attracted to women with bigger eyes, fuller lips and bigger breasts because they look youthful and sexy. These attributes are also a sign of fertility with higher levels of estrogen that make these women good candidates for mating.

3. Make your lips look pouty 
this trick on how makes lips look fuller:  highlights the bow of upper lip using the shimmer cream stick that is in Nuance Lights, Camera. When the light hits face, the shimmer reflects the curves of her lips, making them look more shapely and plump.

 4. Play up your cleavage with caution
A little cleavage is a tantalizing turn-on for a man who enjoys the chase, but too much cleavage can make you look like the hunter and be a turn-off, unless you're a one-night stand. The more you are naturally endowed, the less pushing up and out you need to do. A subtle shimmer cream always helps too.

 5. Sweep your hair to one side. 
"Long sexy hair parted on the side demonstrates a sassy confidence and displays the beauty of feminine bare shoulders. Be sure to shrug them seductively when you lock eyes with a man. This is a great flirting technique,  so the look is definitely a hot hair trend.

 6. Wear red

Women more attractive and sexually desirable when they wore red. They even said they would spend $15 more on a date with her. The researchers took a photo of a woman who got high scores for her looks on the website and altered the color of her shirt. When she was wearing red, she got higher ratings.

Lace Dress with Plunge Back and Cotton Lining

 7. Wear a simply sexy fragrance.
Since fragrances can heighten a man's sexual magnetism towards a woman, you want to be sure that you apply just a dab to compliment your own personal scent known as pheromones. Stick to subtle aromas that guys can easily identify such as a hint of vanilla, rose, orange blossom or lavender.

 8. Make your hair look really shiny.
Having silky smooth shiny hair makes you look healthy and sexy. You can flirt by flicking your hair in front of him and seduce him by giving him a sensual massage using only your hair,. Up the glossy factor of your hair with a shine enhancing serum.

 9. Wear something unique.
Wearing a hat or unique accessory that suits your style or clothes with unusual logos are all great flirting props. The idea is that you'll stand out from the crowd, and the unique piece could even be a conversation starter. Metal Peter Pan Collar Necklace

 10. Slip into some high heels.

This sounds like a real no brainer, but just remember the next time you're getting dressed and feeling too lazy to wear high heels, get over it. It is hard not to feel sexy in a pair of heels; they change the way you walk as heels thrust the hips and breasts forward, rounding off the buttocks, making a woman sensuous and appealing. They make feet look smaller and legs look longer, firmer and thinner.

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