Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Women's Plus Size Lingerie ... now you can

wearing lingerie as a plus sized lady We must be strong at all times — fearless. We must never allow ourselves to appear fragile or weak. And the result is that we fear vulnerability, along with anything that makes us appear imperfect. Despite that imperfection is the natural human condition. .
women describe their insecurities on a daily basis. I hear them say they’d never be caught dead in X, Y, and X because of their thighs, their booties, or their visible belly outlines. But I often wonder whether many of our insecurities, especially as plus-size women, result directly from our fears of appearing vulnerable. Because being fat (or having any fat on your body, for that matter) is still so stigmatized, allowing ourselves to be seen in items of clothing that are more revealing becomes a terrifying concept. Swimsuit season is avoided, along with any other level of nudity. And the thought of wearing a bikini, a sexy bra and panty set or even a tank top makes our skin crawl.
Spice up your bedtime routine with one of our feminine plus size lingerie and intimate apparel. Beautiful babydolls and chemises with slenderizing styles and padded underwires will give you a classic hourglass figure, while long gowns and robes in sexy satin and sheer lace will add a bit of drama to your nighttime look. We also carry specialty lingerie for occasions like honeymoons or Valentine’s Day, all in plus sizes to flatter your unique shape.

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