Saturday, May 20, 2017

True love introduction

Women all over the world are suffering by this way or another, by sharing personal story , my own experience ...
 I wish to advice to help to make you the woman smarter than you are.

My journey to the spiritual was with a lot of obstacles, depressions, suffering but knowing that everything is happening for a reason and you yourself have a choice how to accept it making the difference. 

I tried a lot of courses of meditations and yoga, to my experience the best way to deal with it it's the circumstances in life. Every situation that occurs on our way it's a test for us. By telling my story helping others not to trap in places that we don't want to be, will be my gift in this life, feeling that I did good deeds to humanity in my own way. 

My conclusion to you all woman is first off all love yourself, respect yourself where ever you are, do something for yourself each day. True love to ourselves is the right way to be a complete soul as on earth do in heaven. As women we are educated to take care of our children, our husband, our parents, our friends - but wait a min, where is me in all this story.

Many thanks to my mom who influence, inspire me without awareness , And has a great part in this story. Many thanks to My daughter that always there for me in spite the arguments that we have from time to time. Many thanks to my older son who calls me anytime when spiritually feels when his mom is down. Thank you to my loving husband with bad and good time, without knowing grow my soul to levels that I haven't reach before. Thank you to my dad that no more with us for love you show me and made me who I am today. Thank you for my youngest son that teach me some life lessons, even though we hardly in touch, somehow I can't remove the anger that he has with me. Thank you to my Granddaughters who are showing me love unconditionally that I never experience. 

Thank you God for being with me in my journey, feeling your presence from time to time, searching your hugs and comfort from this struggling life , searching for the truth.

chapter 1

chapter 2 - The meeting

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