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True love - chapter 2 - The meeting

True love  - chapter 2 - The meeting

" You are the One" did something to her heart to her soul, and she decided no matter what she is gonna meet this guy. The arrangements started, all the thoughts running in her mind : how, what, what if, why, when etc.

The first thing she did the offer for a new job must be delay after the trip to united states. Now its time to say goodbye to the old job by explaining that she doesnt want to work anymore there without too much reasons. She bought the air ticket with 12 payments direct to New York and then another flight to Charlotte. While talking with M. agreed that he will come and take her from the airport of course with all the flight details.

Now the counting back started to the day of the flight. As much it was closed the heart bits were stronger and faster. How he will look, how it will be, would she like him and many more.  He asked her what she like, and the answer  was strawberries of any kind 

She had a hard time to sleep at that night before the flight, but the last person it was HE. The first thing in the morning she talked with him too and missed her train to the airport. She didn't think about anything or anyone but him. 

The Journey to United stated begun with United airlines direct flight to New Ark, 12 hours flight. The flight was ok and she passed time with movies and thoughts on her head again. when she reached to the airport it was so big one, she ever saw. now she needed to find the terminal which taking her to Charlotte. 

She tried to call M. from several phones to make sure that he will wait for her in the airport, there was no answer. She though in the worst case she will book a hotel, the doubt was there. The flight has a delay for 2 hours and time didn't  pass at all. Finally the airplane arrived, it was so small airplane that it was scary. Two hours, she thoughts for in this, but it was passing very quickly. She had no way to call to him now, then she asked from the airport service to call him and it was answered. "Where are you"? asked the clerk in his deep voice. 

She was waiting on the gate and he came with his white truck slowly it was exactly at 10:45 pm. He went out from the truck to help her with her little suitcase that she packed for 3 weeks, and then the hug, it was so gentle, as afraid to break something, but still very powerful. The way to his house was very dark it was almost midnight. 

when they reached home finally after one hour and half, she get familiar with his home and set to eat the strawberries ice cream that he had for her. He didn't open the ice cream till she was there and a package of coca cola that she liked. 

The time to sleep was so close, it seem that none of them wanted to sleep after all from the excitement. He arranged for her a separate bed as she asked, but it never happened. They slept together making love for the first time, all her body shivered, she felt so much love soul in this act. They both were awake till 5 am till get lag break her down to a very deep sleep and sweet sweet dreams about the future. 


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True love introduction

Women all over the world are suffering by this way or another, by sharing personal story , my own experience ...
 I wish to advice to help to make you the woman smarter than you are.

My journey to the spiritual was with a lot of obstacles, depressions, suffering but knowing that everything is happening for a reason and you yourself have a choice how to accept it making the difference. 

I tried a lot of courses of meditations and yoga, to my experience the best way to deal with it it's the circumstances in life. Every situation that occurs on our way it's a test for us. By telling my story helping others not to trap in places that we don't want to be, will be my gift in this life, feeling that I did good deeds to humanity in my own way. 

My conclusion to you all woman is first off all love yourself, respect yourself where ever you are, do something for yourself each day. True love to ourselves is the right way to be a complete soul as on earth do in heaven. As women we are educated to take care of our children, our husband, our parents, our friends - but wait a min, where is me in all this story.

Many thanks to my mom who influence, inspire me without awareness , And has a great part in this story. Many thanks to My daughter that always there for me in spite the arguments that we have from time to time. Many thanks to my older son who calls me anytime when spiritually feels when his mom is down. Thank you to my loving husband with bad and good time, without knowing grow my soul to levels that I haven't reach before. Thank you to my dad that no more with us for love you show me and made me who I am today. Thank you for my youngest son that teach me some life lessons, even though we hardly in touch, somehow I can't remove the anger that he has with me. Thank you to my Granddaughters who are showing me love unconditionally that I never experience. 

Thank you God for being with me in my journey, feeling your presence from time to time, searching your hugs and comfort from this struggling life , searching for the truth.

chapter 1

chapter 2 - The meeting

True love in paradise - chapter one

This is a woman's story who was full with dreams and today all her dreams fad away, broken hearth and feel used.

Her story begin in  a small country in the Middle East called the holy land, in a small city. Eden was her name, it was her nick name she liked so much. All her life she tried to find a true love but she never knew she had it for so many years, in her hands, in her heart, in her soul - within her. 

Eden was divorced for ten years, or more trying to find someone who will love her for being her. She had some experience with some but it never succeeded, therefore she decided to be by her own. She decided to make her own journey around the world and started to travel from destination to destination, the main target was to find herself somehow and she didn't even know how. She travel sometimes with partners sometimes by herself but it was fake happiness because although traveling always felt so alone.

 During that time her father died and her mom ask her to come and live with her. She agreed thinking it will help both of them to recover for their lost. Eden worked as a travel agent and was very pleased either job, the only thing that disturb her it's her manager that was shouting at her and that was the main thing. 

The job was fun mostly; traveling with groups, arranging for them attractions hotels, restaurants and just supervise that everything's is going smood still feeling alone. 
One day she met another travel agent from another agency that offered her more, it was attractive so the negotiations started... And she got the job.

On her private life, there was no one. Just one guy she met on the facebook one year back, in one of the Lonely nights and it was as written in the stars. It starts with a very friendly conversation and boom...  she fall in love with his soul. 

It was going on for a while on and off, talking about their dream to meet each other, checking the option if he can come or she can get there. Furthermore nothing happen. It was silence from the other side. One day she saw a picture of him and his girlfriend it busted her heart and she said to her self no one is reliable in this world, words doesnt have any meaning. She was hurt but she continue her life as nothing happen, keep smiling, keep working and keep meeting family and friends. 

One day she got a massage "you are the one" ... Wow she said to herself and it strike her straight into her heart. How come she wrote immidiatly... "Just few weeks ago you had a girlfriend? " " it's over he said it didn't last 24 hours", he said. 

Based on a true story and events.
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