Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Do you find your wife attractive ?

One of the questions was a simple “Do you find your wife attractive?” Over 95% of husbands answered yes, they do find their wife attractive! 
 Now, that by itself was enough to answer this wife’s question, but I wanted to dig deeper. I wanted to remove some doubt. Maybe these people have never had kids, maybe they’ve only been married a short time. Maybe their wives exercise like crazy and keep fit. 

 Let’s look at this group of husbands who still find their wife attractive. Over half (51%) feel their wife is more attractive than when they got married! Another 30% say she is about the same. Only 19% say less (but keep in mind, they still find her attractive). 

 This is contrary to the societal concept that women lose their attractiveness over time, when, according to the respondents, 81% feel that their wife is either just as attractive, or more attractive than when they got married. Now, at the same time, 57% of these wives are less fit than when they got married. So it must not be an issue purely of physical looks. 

 Maybe it’s about sex. If you’re having constant sex, that must increase the attractiveness, right? But 61% say they are having less sex than their first year of marriage, and 76% of the husbands said they would like more sex. Well, maybe it’s not about frequency. Nothing is more sexy than a wife being sexually confident in the bedroom , but 71% of respondents say their wife is not sexually confident. 

Maybe it’s time to buy her The Sexually Confident Wife).

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