Wednesday, October 15, 2014

What are woman looking for ?

What are women looking for ?

Artist Brooke shaden
Never listen to what a woman says — always pay attention to what she actually does instead. The two are quite frequently worlds apart, because women are masters at self-deceit and equally adept at lying to themselves about their own behavior. Cross-cultural evidence from different societies consistently reveals that what women really want from men are economic resources. Studies with college coeds show that when shown photographs of men dressed in high-status uniforms (suits, ties, expensive watches, etc.) and low-status uniforms, these women would be significantly more willing to enter into relationships with the more expensively-attired males regardless of the man's physical appearance . To a woman, attraction is simple: green is very good-looking. 

Thus men were forced to rely on such attraction tactics as driving expensive cars, bragging about accomplishments, and emphasizing present or future earning power, while women, on the other hand, packaged themselves as commodities with make-up, jewelry, hairstyles, and shape-revealing clothing. 

Women with concerns about health and disease – that is, those who were more sensitive to pathogen disgust – preferred men with macho facial features, deeper voices, and muscular bodies. Pathogen disgust also correlated with women's increased preferences for masculine men, whether they be ideal or actual partners. Moral and sexual disgust were not found to be significant predictors of women's preferences for macho features or their choices in a romantic partner.

what do you think ? what are women are looking for? 

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