Sunday, December 18, 2016

Why wearing Black Dresses ?

 Black is a color that is mysterious, classic, and versatile. It represents and communicates a bundle of things but we love it most because it has the ability to cover and conceal our most problematic feminine proportions. Black not only excels in giving us a formal and lovely appearance it is also known for giving us the courage to pull off more casual styles when needed. We choose to wear black when we need to hide our true emotions yet evoke confidence and grace. We chose black because it is forgiving and flattering. We choose black because it is often our style savior. At the shop we love black so much so that we’ve devoted an entire collection to little black bandage dresses. Over this past year we’ve covered how to wear black, styling the formal black halter dress, and the history of the little black dress. If you are already convinced of the power of wearing black then let our list of reasons to wear black reinforces what you already know. Alternatively, if you aren’t too sure of the color black allow us to convince you other wise.

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