Saturday, December 17, 2016

Being a Woman InLove

Being a Woman InLove

Being a woman inlove is not to easy 
when love blind and get greasy 

Freedom is taken away if you want it or not 
then when love is over, just leaving a note 

You must share and give because you promise to love 
 when you ask something back you feel not be loved 

Believing in LOVE for life time and ever 
making the truth to lie forever. 

I don not know if there is love I was trying to find 
God is the only one who full with love soul and mind 

Each person have interest or attention 
Love lost any meaning or intention 

love is still beautiful feeling that make you alive 
with it all that coming is making real life . 

I dont want to live without true love, I found it necessary
to My soul, My mind and My Body. 

written by Eden I. Parker

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