Saturday, February 9, 2013

Tips for Sucssess

Many of us have heard of these women, we have seen the tremendous things they have accomplished and we might even have assumed that they got there by birthright or good luck. While each of these women do have something special what we discovered was that these women are no different to you or I. We are all special and worthy of great success.

 Most successful careers begin with the job interview, so mastering this is key. All the women we spoke to emphasize the need to fully research as much as you can about the company where you're applying to work, the industry, and the person interviewing you. Emmy winning journalist and NBC anchor, Jane Hanson, believes you should know enough to be able to walk into the room and say something that immediately puts the interviewer at ease. Author Ellen Lubin Sherman says it's your job to walk into the interview full of energy and pizzazz and to talk about yourself in ways that make it clear that you will bring a lot to the company and will never drag it down.

 Nearly all of the women we interviewed revealed that having a mentor helped them not only stay motivated and on track but played a crucial role in getting them to where they are today. Margaret Keene, Executive Creative Director of Saatchi and Saatchi, revealed that a good mentor often sees qualities in you that you may not have even seen in yourself and gives you the courage to try new things and grow. Career expert Tory Johnson encouraged us to find a champion that has some political clout in your industry who can be your advocate and use their power to help you get that break.

 Just like us, most of these women admitted that their biggest enemy- especially when they were surrounded by powerful people- was themselves. Here are some of the ways they overcame their inner critic.

Finally, never forget Principlal Lynn Irby-Jackson's wise words, "What you have is a gift to give and you're worthy of that, and so let someone else notice the good that you have and what you can give to someone else"

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